For filtration in aerial engineering plants of all kinds

  • Offices, hospitals, computer centers
  • Pharmaceutical industry, fine mechanics and food industry
  • Prefiltration, e.g. for HEPA filters
  • High air flow rates, small heights, applicable inlimited spaces especially for compact devices

Classification acc. to EN 779

  • Filter class G4
  • Filter class M5
  • Filter class M6
  • Filter class F7
  • Filter class F8
  • Filter class F9


  • Frame types: Plastic frame, plastic frame with header,cardboard frame, galvanized steel frame
  • Other frame types on demand
  • Plastic and cardboard frames are fully incinerable
  • Optional with foamed hygiene-gasket
  • Special sizes on request

Material characteristics

  • Tested and certified by ILH Berlin
  • Shatter-proof synthetic fibres
  • Fire prevention requirements according to DIN 53438-3 (F1)
  • Humidity resistant up to 100% r. h.
  • Temperature resistant up to 80°C depending on type of frame
  • Lacquer compatibility according to IPA-control