For general industrial paintings (V300S, V400S).For final filtration of supply air in painting and paint-spraying units (V500S, V560G, V600G, V5micron)

Classification acc. to EN 779

  • Filter class M5
  • Filter class M6


  • Standard rolls 2 x 20m
  • Precuts for finished dimension
  • max. 10 m length
  • max. 2.30 m width
  • Also available as filter tube or filter bag
  • Precuts are packed under clean room conditions
  • Precuts also available with changing frame
  • Stamped parts available on request

Material characteristics

  • Tested according to EN 779:2012
  • Fire prevention requirements according to DIN 53438-3 (F1)
  • Humidity resistant up to 100% r. h.
  • Temperature resistant up to 80°C
  • Contains no silicone or other lacquer harming substances


PDF Product Information Fine Filtration M5-M6